Trainer: Chew Hoong Ling

Hoong Ling wandered in the womb of a woman almost the whole of 1980 and decided to let her parents celebrate Christmas in the hospital that year.

She lived her life wondering why was she sent to Earth and found the answer quite early in life – for LIFESAVING.

Hoong Ling joined St. John Ambulance in school and has nursed many sick students as well as sending quite a number to the hospital since she was a teen. Right before reaching page three in age, the story of her donating 60% of her liver to a stranger became newspapers headlines.

Advocating organ donation since 13, she has personally organised over 50 exhibitions, delivered more than 120 sharing sessions and wrote a book “I Don’t Know You but Let Me Save You” to promote organ donation, touching the lives of thousands of people.

Realising that high blood pressure and high blood glucose leads to organ failure, she initiated “Spread Love, Save Lives” campaign to give free basic health checks to the public.

She would sit at the morning markets, Rukun Tetangga offices, pasar malam, community halls, restaurants, kopitiams, even at disaster areas, armed with blood pressure monitor and blood glucose strips and reader. Initially aimed to provide free checks to 1,000, her “obsession” towards pricking fingers to see blood surpassed the number and reached 2,863 checks.

Now, right before turning page four, she decided to teach CPR and AED to 1,000 people for free. As she planted the seed, she thought to start small by purchasing her own manikin and AED trainer. The help of her friends accelerated the process and she now goes full force to teach around the country.

Her vision is not just to save lives but also to empower people with the skills to save lives. Hoong Ling envisions a Malaysia where no one will be dumbfounded and panicking when seeing a cardiac arrest case because they would already have known CPR and AED skills.

Hoong Ling is a qualified First Aid Trainer with St. John Ambulance of Malaysia and certified by American Heart Association (AHA) as a Basic Life Support (BLS) Provider.

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