How Can I Contribute?

There are a few ways you can contribute to Hoong Ling’s personal mission.

Organise a Class

Hoong Ling wants to reach out to more people and you can help connect her or #CPR1000 mission to more people. Does the community around you find a free CPR+AED class helpful? Will your office benefit from a free CPR+AED class? Go ahead and find out how to Organise a Free Class here.

Help Out as a TRAINER Yourself!

Me? As a trainer? How? If you have spare time and think that more people should learn CPR+AED, do reach out to Hoong Ling to find out how to be a part of her team to teach CPR+AED to more people

Donate to the Cause

Current donation suffice. The accounts, balance left and declaration of income and expenses are all listed and made available to the public here.