#CPR1000 is made possible by contributions from personal friends and corporate companies which share the same vision.

Balance: RM6,185.12 (Main)
RM339.17 (Travel Expenses)

Contributors 2020

  • Dato’ Teh Tai Yong (for travel expenses) RM2,000
  • Participants of Session #3 RM50
  • KinderKaizen Kota Warisan RM500
  • SMK Jelapang Jaya, Ipoh RM150
  • Participants of Session #15 RM281.10
  • Manjung Naluri (Sitiawan, Perak) RM500
  • Taman Sendayan Indah RM200
  • 3R Service & Tyre RM150
  • Chan Quin Er RM1,000

Contributors 2019

  • Dato’ Seri Dr. Chris Leong RM10,000
  • Dato’ Teh Tai Yong RM1,000
  • Joey Monique Woo (Art of Tree) RM1,000
  • Anonymous RM800

Expenses 2020 (Updated monthly)

  • Traveling claims are based on petrol bill and toll (for outstation trips) or mileage at RM0.80 per km (from homes to classes). Mileage claim is only for one car per session.
  • NO CLAIMS for classes within 10km radius.
Accounts ending 2019 has been sent for auditing and audited accounts will be posted here as soon as they are done

Updated: 14th March 2020