Session #23 at SMK Dr. Megat Khas, Ipoh (39 pax)

Students from Bulan Sabit Merah, Pertahanan Awam, Kadet Remaja and Puteri Islam at SMK Dr. Megat Khas, Ipoh learnt CPR+AED skills today.

35 students, along with 4 teachers lifted CPR literacy and now know of AEDs around Ipoh. Last year, four AEDs were installed in Ipoh at the Padang Ipoh, Polo Ground, Aquatic Center and D.R. Park. Many Ipoh residents were still unaware of the AEDs and do not know the function of an AED.

Kadet Pertahanan Awam
Members of Bulan Sabit Merah
Kadet Remaja
Puteri Islam members

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