Session #8 at Art of Tree (7 pax)

21st January 2020

Staffs and bosses at Art of Tree today had a free CPR and AED course today at 10.30am. AOT also sponsored RM1,000 to #CPR1000 and gave me Chinese New Year goodies plus packed food for dinner.

Art of Tree reuse and upcycle used wood which are still strong and sturdy to make beautiful, unique wooden furnitures which are sure to mesmerise any visitors. I had my love at first sight at the furniture. Not only that, all the staffs at the small factory have all protective equipment on. I am impressed with the safety features that AOT uphold.

Not surprising to me that the bosses also want everyone to learn CPR and AED. The cosy setting I had today with 7 people is one of the warmest.

Thanks to Joey who also sponsored RM1,000 for the #CPR1000 initiative. She also gave lunch, asked me to tapau for dinner and even CNY biscuit gift!
A cosy setting – I particularly love the unique wooden furniture from Art of Tree
Betul ke posisi tangan ni?
Continue CPR, brother
Husband and wife pair
Limited voice – after losing voice for a whole week and postponing 6 classes, using mic and a speaker to assist training
Blow of life
“Press pads firmly on skin”

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