Session #7 at KinderKaizen Kota Warisan (16 pax)

19th January 2020

KinderKaizen Kota Warisan was among the very first to heed the call for a free CPR and AED class for parents. Hani, the owner, even promoted #CPR1000 among KinderKaizen branches and HQ.

The session was almost postponed due to my lost of voice but went on because my timid, sexy little voice returned. With the help fo a wireless mic and speaker, I managed to teach 16 people here at 10am.

While the class is free, Hani has contributed RM500 to #CPR1000. Thanks to KinderKaizen Kota Warisan for the contribution.

15 participants and the photographer = 16
Presented a Thank You letter to Hani who contributed RM500 to #CPR1000 initiative

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