Session #6 at Cheras Homey Yong Tau Fu (10 pax)

11th January 2020

Trainer Cheang Chee Kin is an officer in St. John Ambulance of Malaysia, South Area, Perak. Having a gathering with friends and inspired by #CPR1000, he too shared knowledge with friends, giving a complimentary CPR and AED course.

Thanks to Cheras Homey Yong Tau Fu for willingness to allow us to use the space for a lesson. 10 people learnt prior to dinner at 6pm

Before dinner starts, CPR and AED lessons began
Mr. Cheang Chee Kin conducting the lesson
Conducted by Mr. Cheang Chee Kin
Just follow what’s on the pad
That’s right, use your body
Please call 999 for an ambulance
That’s the way

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